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What are some of the common signs of a mental breakdown?

There is no one cause of a mental breakdown. However, common signs of a mental breakdown are irritability, worrying, feeling helpless, withdrawing from friends and family, and losing interest in your favorite activities. 

Overwhelming stress, sudden tragedy, or  major life change could also trigger a mental breakdown.

Why are routines necessary for people with mental illness?


Having routines is key for people with mental illness. Predictability in your schedule helps lower stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Having a quiet time to pray and meditate in the morning can help set the tone for the day. Setting aside time to work and being productive is also key. Incorporating exercise, like an afternoon walk is also helpful in lowering stress. Establishing routines for self care is important, too. Hair, nail, massage, and facial appointments help with personal upkeep and also offer time for yourself. Maintaining daily, weekly, and monthly routines are key to your journey towards mental wellness.

How are safe spaces created and maintained for people with mental illness?


Safe spaces are created by determining what types of environments offer you a strong sense of peace. Do you feel safe at home, at church, at a family member’s home? Do you like to go to a local cozy coffee shop to read or listen to music? There is no rule, you have to determine which places help center you and presents a sense of calm. 

Safe spaces are not just physical locations. A safe space could also be a one-on-one setting in conversation. A trusted person you feel safe sharing your thoughts or feelings with. It could also be a small group or forum to discuss how you are feeling. Spending time in your safe spaces can add a tremendous sense of peace to your journey towards balanced mental health. 


Are all mental illnesses hereditary?

It is not clear what causes mental illness, or why it can be passed down in families. It does seem that mental illness can be hereditary, but no one knows fully how or why it can be passed down.

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