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Jessica Johnson Glover is an author, speaker, mental health advocate, and Realtor. She  earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Clark Atlanta University.

After almost twenty years of living successfully with a mental illness, Jessica realized she possessed the skills and knowledge to help people who silently suffer from mental illnesses. Purposely, Jessica established and founded The Success In Sanity Society (SISS), an accountability tribe for those who are unashamed and ready to successfully maintain their sanity. In this community, Jessica conducts monthly virtual meetings that help individuals successfully manage mental illness and live the lives of their dreams. With the assistance of the SISS network professionals, Jessica and her team offer expertise, resources, and skills that are needed to not only be successful BUT maintain mental wellness.

In 2022, she published her inspirational memoir, “Far From Crazy…Success In Sanity: My Unashamed Truth.” Her literary work audaciously details her mental illness journey. Readers get an in-depth account of how mental illness impacted her and her entire family. Her story of tragedy and triumph proves that anyone suffering with a mental illness can be successful when they accept their reality and establish a medication regimen that works for them! This is Jessica’s proven formula for success: Accept, Medicate, Thrive, REPEAT!

Jessica is married to her soulmate, Gerald L. Glover, a sales professional. They reside in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Her moments of purposeful selfcare include: spending  time with her family and friends, listening to gospel music, getting pampered, and binge watching some of her favorite television shows with her husband.

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